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The ‘Antiques Road Trip’ crew visited Carningli Centre last week.

They were filming for a series to be shown in a few months’ time.

It is always fascinating to see film crews at work. They seemed to be under pressure to complete the work quickly – and yet it took several hours to film what will doubtless boil down to a few minutes at most in the final programme.

Beforehand, I was seized by an uncharacteristic urge to clean and tidy the shop – just could not help it. However, that is a real benefit of their visit. I loved our quarry tiled hallway and pretty staircase when we first saw the building. They were definite factors in deciding to move here. We have put time, effort and money into restoring them; undoing unsympathetic ‘modernising’ of previous generations, rebuilding the archway in the hall, painting the panelling and so on. So it does seem a shame that these special features are often covered in piles of stuff. It is not even always saleable stock – and if it is, it is sometimes difficult or impossible to see.

I took a few photos to record a moment that is already, less than a week later, fading into memory.IMG_5244


February is never our busiest month. It is a good time for tidying, reorganising coming up with new ideas and so on.

Now that the new website is active, one of my plans is to show a few antiquarian books for sale on it. We don’t have an online shop at the moment but we know from experience that ‘mail order’ can work. I have a number of antique books which do not readily fit into our relaxed style of bookshop.  Some of them will appear on the books page of the website soon and I hope they will prove of interest.

The new Carningli Centre website is online at

I still don’t fully understand how the template system works. In fact the aspects of web design I don’t get far outnumber those that I do. At times my head has felt like a cupboard stuffed so full of random, awkward stuff that the moment you open the doors, it explodes out all over the room.

However,  I have reached a stage of letting it loose on the internet.

Now it includes current items in the shop – only a few so far but more to come – and I know how to delete some and add others.