One of the pleasures of having an antiques shop is waking up in the morning not knowing what you will be learning during the day.

Today it is Buckley pottery. When an oval dish came in yesterday I recognised it as slipwear, with its dark terracotta body,treacly brown glaze, simple cream lining around the lip and overall rustic feel. I have posted a photo of it on our Carningli Centre website (it is in the ‘Current Stock’ gallery).

I like pottery but do not have much specialist knowledge, having been drawn more towards railwayana, country furniture, oil lamps etc. The owner vaguely recalled ‘something about Buckley’ and it was a thrill to find that the simplest internet search netted plentiful history, images of the slipwear produced in Buckley over hundreds of years and much more that I did not know but which will linger in my mind next time a similar piece turns up.