Early February is always quiet in Newport. Some years lately the weather has been too cold; this time it is too wet and windy.

The temptation to spend the days dreaming by the wood stove, book in one hand, giant tea mug in the other, is almost irresistible.

At busy times, I always think – ‘No time for that small job now – I’ll do it in Winter’ – so I owe it to my Summer self to catch up on at least some of those tasks. Approaching school Half Terms mean the obvious one is tidying up the shop to make room for visiting families.

Our annual bookshop update is well under way, with plenty of new stock – it just has to make its way off the floor and on to the shelves.

Now I have made a start on the excessively cluttered ‘back shop’ and the Cardigan oak dresser in the ‘front shop’ – its great Welsh oak colour deserves to be seen.